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Automate your Instagram Content Creation, Designs, & Posting With Your Own AI Assistant

Social Studio is your personal Instagram assistant that will generate your content with Artificial Intelligence, allow you to design your posts, and schedule directly to Instagram IN MINUTES.

Your Month’s Instagram Content & Design in 3-Steps - Here’s How It Works:

One Word & Unlimited Possibilities

We don’t just randomly generate content, we formulates them specifically for Instagram.

Our stunning algorithm collects the most up to date data and creates content that seems as if it’s written by humans.

Powerful Yet Simple Editor so Posts Fit Your Brand.

We don't just use templates to quickly create posts, we allow full creative freedom on your behalf with our powerful editor.

Our amazing editor gives you the ability to fully customize text, colours, shapes and so much more within the application.

Schedule Your Posts Directly Through Social Studio

You will be able to schedule the content you create in Social Studio so you can outline your posts for the week, month or even year.

No more creating content every day - slaving over your Canva or Illustrator dashboard. Simply create, schedule and enjoy your growth.
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Cold Email Wizard

Some people may not understand how insane this is. You can make an Instagram content agency that JUST generates posts using Social Studio. Don’t even need too pay an employee. 1-2 hours of work to generate content for 30 days

CEO of AdLogic

Everyone in digital marketing is going to be using Social Studio. It’s literally Canva + AI, and it’s built by the most hardworking, humble & experienced people in the industry, take advantage of this savings now because you’re getting it eventually. ;)

Andi Pandi

Right so the dust has settled and I’ve managed to control my excitement. Been messing around with Social Studio for most of the day. Just WOW!! Honestly this just  keeps getting better and better. It’s a no complete brainer for anyone that’s looking to break into the Insta game


I’ve seen first hand the passion these guys have for Social Studio. This isn’t a quick cash play. They literally love this product. It’s their baby. They’re going to over deliver and then some for the users of Social Studio

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Say goodbye to dozens of unnecessary subscriptions

We are incredibly proud to have such a loyal base of customers that use Social Studio every day

Download Directly To Your Phone
Hashtag Generator
Multiple Accounts
Upload Your Branding
Caption Generator
Unique Engaging Content

Content Creator, Post Editor & Scheduler All Together For Less Than A Couple Uber Rides

Create 30 Posts Per Month
AI-Generated Content For Posts
AI-Generated Instagram Captions
Trending Hashtags Auto Generated
Upload Your Own Assets
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3 day free trial. Cancel Anytime.
Create 100 Posts Per Month
AI-Generated Content For Posts
AI-Generated Instagram Captions
Trending Hashtags Auto Generated
Add Multiple Instagram Accounts
Schedule Directly To Instagram
Feed Visualizer
Start Creating Free
3 day free trial. Cancel Anytime.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are incredibly proud to have such a loyal base of customers that use Social Studio every day
We are confident you will love it too. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your membership, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can Social Studio help me grow my businesses Instagram account?

By leveraging our artificial intelligence you will be able to create content at a speed that was impossible prior to Social Studio's release. Allowing you and your business to reach more people on Instagram and other social media platforms that will turn into customers due to your amazing content.

What is the difference between the premium and basic plan?

With the premium plan you will have the ability to download 100 posts per month with our artificial intelligence platform. In contrast, the basic plan allows you to download only 30 posts per month. Another added bonus to the premium plan is access to our in-app Instagram scheduler.

What is a ‘post credit’?

A post-credit will allow you to turn your social media post into a downloadable image file. Once you use a post-credit your image will be rendered by our editor allowing you to easily post it using our scheduler or send it directly to your phone.

Can I get a refund if I don’t need Social Studio anymore?

Yes. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

How long does it take to create 1 post?

The AI takes between 10-30 seconds to create the content for your post. You have an unlimited amount of time to edit your post within our editor which you can download and post to Instagram instantaneously.

Is there a free trial so I can test the app?

Yes. Our free trial begins automatically when you create an account.

Is all the content unique?

All content created by our AI is unique and based on thousands of hours of training. Our templates are built in-house and all of our images and icons are provided through the host companies. Allowing you to create your very own blend of unique content.

How can I buy more credits

Once you have made a Social Studio account you will be able to purchase credits within the app by clicking on your current balance.